Wash Plan Details

The maintenance washes are a crucial part in maintaining the integrity of your initial treatment. The ongoing washes include all the processes necessary to maintain the longevity of the protective layers. They also prevent any further damage to your vehicle’s paint finish, such as scratches and scrapes.

Paying for your wash plan in advance enables you to make significant savings on normal retail prices. You’ll save 27% on your washes, and 38% on the Level 2 detail at six months, which is crucial for the maintenance of your protective coating. This vital check enables us to spend more time decontaminating the film, freshening up your vehicle, treating the leather and waxing the car.




  • The vehicle is washed using PH neutral shampoo using twin grit guard bucket system to prevent any stones and sharp edge particles being carried onto the car via the wash mitt.
  • Snow foam is applied to lift any dirt and grit from the paintwork.
  • Wheels are cleaned using a non-acidic citrus based cleaner and specially designed horse hair brushes.
  • Door shuts, petrol cap, arches and lower sections are cleaned (where accessible).
  • The vehicle is hand dried using deep pile microfibre towels.


  • Windows are cleaned on the inside.
  • Interior trim and surfaces are all cleaned using aerospace – grade products.

6 Wash Plan Details

  • 6 Washes a year (bi-monthly) including Level 2 detail at 6 months

12 Wash Plan Details

  • 12 Washes a year (Once a month) including Level 2 detail at 6 months

24 Wash Plan Details

  • 24 Washes a year (Twice a month) including Level 2 detail at 6 months

52 Wash Plan Details

  • 52 Washes a year (Once a week) including a Level 2 detail at 6 months

From £599 + VAT

(In addition to a detailing treatment.)

GTechniq HALO

(For PPF and Vinyl)
Premier quality product that is designed for ceramic coating on top of PPF and vinyl, especially. It is a chemically bonding, ultra-dense, flexible coating that becomes the permanent surface of the film or wrap and therefore protects it from the elements a car faces on a daily basis. It makes your car easier to maintain, preventing dirt ingression, and adding UV protection. (Please note this does not include wheels, glass, or interior).

GTechniq Crystal Serum Ultra + EXO

Crystal Serum Ultra features:

  • Matchless levels of gloss, surface slickness, swirl and chemical resistance
  • A revolutionary new 7nm nanoparticle works alongside a 20nm nanoparticle,
    increasing the ratio of crosslinkers - reinforcing the top layer of the coating
  • The hard 10h top layer and flexible 7h base layer offer improved swirl resistance over regular 9h paint protection
  • Can withstand even the strongest wash chemicals (pH2 - pH13) and bird droppings
  • Hydrophobic and makes a car easy to maintain, but for the definitive hydrophobic function EXO Ultra Durable Hydrophobic Coating or C2 Liquid Crystal can be applied over the top
  • Unaffected by extreme heat changes, even from -40º to +250ºC

Additional Interior Protection Coatings Product Details:

L1 Smart Fabric AD

Antibacterial; Anti mould and mildew; Highly oil and water repellent
Makes ordinary fabrics waterproof and easy to clean.
Use it to prevent soaking, swelling or rotting on any fabric. I1 coat each fabric fibre individually, leaving the texture unaffected, allowing the material to breathe. This means stale air will still be able to escape, while repelling water and and oil-based liquids.

Being alcohol based ensures a much deeper penetration of the active ingredient giving an I1 treated surface much better durability and overall performance.

L1 Leather Guard AB

Leather Guard forms a durable abrasion resistant matte finish which offers the best ever protection against abrasion damage, UV rays, dye transfer and other discolouration.